2017 Lexus RC F

When you want to build a muscle car, you need horsepower and a mean-looking design. I don’t know if a huge spindle grill is mean or not, but I do know the bulge in that aluminum hood means plenty of engine.

The Lexus RC F coupe has lots of options like super-strong forged wheels, triple LED headlights, and a $5,500 performance package that includes a full carbon fiber roof to reduce weight. Of course, it looks cool.

Also part of that performance package is a carbon fiber rear wing. It automatically pops up out of the trunk lid when the car is at speed. And speed is in abundance from five liters of V8 muscle with rear-wheel-drive. It has 467 horsepower and sure likes to drink premium. I averaged about 18 miles per gallon.

The cockpit is a nice place to sit as you watch the fuel gauge drop. Heated and cooled sports seats might be too restrictive on a long trip, but they’re great around town. Choose the sport setting for best handling and more aggressive shift points from the 8-speed automatic. Optional Mark Levinson sound is amazing.

Let’s not talk about back seat room because there really isn’t any. I’ve seen smaller trunks, but the row 2 seat back does not fold so cargo is limited.

Who needs groceries when the open road calls? While there’s lots of power, there’s also lots of weight. Nimble is not a word that comes to mind.

So, for the 2017 Lexus RC F coupe, I say thumbs up to great V8 power, extroverted style, and big brakes; thumbs down to the cramped back seat, poor mpg, and pricey options.

The as-reviewed sticker price is $80, 889.

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