Wild weather hits 2017 Harrisburg Mile

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – The Harrisburg Mile saw a heatwave and a rainstorm. There was thunder and lightning and lots of determined runners set to complete the mile-long trek from the Governor’s Mansion to the Harvey Taylor Bridge along the riverfront in downtown Harrisburg.

The Harrisburg YMCA’s initial concern in putting on the event was the heat. Temperatures soaring into the 90s meant water, ice, and more water were on hand to keep everyone hydrated.

“We want to make sure they have access to that water,” said Rosie Turner, the YMCA’s director of marketing and communications, “We want it immediately as soon as they are finished. We have water and bags of ice donated. They can have as much as they need. We want to make sure everyone is safe on the course.”

But soon sunny skies gave way to dark clouds and lightning. Heavy rains would delay the last several groups running, including the elite races for the men and women.

Forty-five minutes later, a much cooler and wet course saw Mary Dell and Caleb Gatchell win the elite races. For full results from the 2017 Harrisburg Mile, click here.

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