Metro Diner: A Classic Experience in a Modern Setting

The Metro Diner in York, PA is located in the West Manchester Town Center at 360 Town Center Drive.

“We are a scratch kitchen – which means we make everything – all your favorite diner foods and more – from the sauces to the soups and compotes in house every day. We’re known for our warm, welcoming service, large portion sizes and indulgent comfort food with flair,” tells Manager Sara Griffin.

With most dishes priced under $15, the eatery offers a great value during their all-day breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Today, they cooked up their famous “Holy Davoli” burger. You can try it too!

The Holy Davoli Burger


4 slices                                                Thick, hearty white bread

4 slices                                                American Cheese

6 slices                                                Bacon

2 slices                                                Tomato

1 each                                     8 oz. Burger Patty

As Needed                               Salt & Pepper

As Needed                               Mayonnaise, shredded lettuce, pickles (mixed together)


As Needed                               French Fries, dill pickle spear and lots of napkins.


  1. Build two grilled cheese sandwiches using the bacon, tomato, cheese and bread.
  2. Season and grill a burger to your desired degree of doneness.
  3. Mix mayonnaise, shredded lettuce and chopped pickles.
  4. Place burger on top of one grilled cheese sandwich.
  5. Top with pickle slaw mixture.
  6. Top with the second grilled cheese sandwich.
  7. Place a frill pick in each half of the sandwich and cut diagonally.
  8. Serve with French fries and a pickle spear.


Learn more about the Metro Diner online at

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