Author Spotlight: L.M. Faircloth’s Forever Tethered

“Staff Sergeant Josephine McFay was raised military with a deep love-of-country.  She challenged Air Force policy to serve in Vietnam, believing it was her purpose to stand with her fellow airmen.  Gunnery Sergeant Sev Fitzpatrick and his men were at the top of their game in warfare.  As an elite group of the Special Forces, their mission was to weaken the backbone of the enemy before American troops encountered them.  Private First Class Mandy Taylor was a fresh-faced young girl still discovering herself.  Although she was fearful of the war, she was committed to being there.  Christopher Dawson’s life belonged to the government and he had a reputation of being deadly accurate.  Mission driven to attain critical information, he often fought the war by means other than conventional.  Ruby was an opportunist who had a keen sense of the monetary potential the war had to offer.  She planned to spend a couple of years in Vietnam securing a lucrative bounty.

As the lives of these men and women entwined, through triumph and tragedy, they formed lifelong bonds of friendship that would forever tether them.  While the war emotionally and physically scarred them, it also gave them valor.  Tears of anguish and heartache were often followed by tears of pride and joy.  They saw one another at their very worst—and their very best.  For every time they said the words, “It don’t mean nothin’,” they knew nothing meant more,” – Summary: Forever Tethered.

Author L.M. Faircloth joined us in the studio for today’s Author Spotlight segment with a book about the struggles of women in the Vietnam war.

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