27 dogs rescued from Palmyra home

A Pomeranian rescued from the South Harrison Street on July 15 (File)

PALMYRA, Pa. (WHTM) – Diana Bates showed ABC27 News one of the youngest dogs rescued from a home on South Harrison Street in Palmyra.

Bates said over the weekend, her rescue, Pawsitively Pom Rescue, contacted police after getting complaints from neighbors.

“No one should have been living in that condition,” she said. “You could smell it through the front door. The neighbors could smell it.”

Bates said the home, which has been condemned, was filled with soda bottles that contained urine. She said 27 pomeranian dogs were also found in the home.

“The owner had a few, brought in a few more, and none were spayed and neutered,” she said. “Just like with every unspayed or unneutered dog, they are going to breed with every heat cycle.”

“I’m glad that we got them out alive,” she added. “The conditions were such they could have very easily deteriorated and there could have been bodies in that home.”

Eve Gestl took on the task of grooming the dogs. She said some of them had waste stuck in their feet.

“The dogs were extremely infested with fleas,” she said. “There was not one dog that didn’t have fleas.”

Some of the dogs have been sent to a rescue in Ohio. Those in the Midstate appear to be on the road to recovery.

“To just be given the chance, the opportunity to have a second and a good home, is why we do what we do,” Bates said.

There were reports of a 6-year-old child living in the home, but ABC27 was not able to get an update on the child’s status.

The dogs will be available for adoption after they get checked out by a veterinarian and spayed or neutered.

Bates said her rescue is looking for donations to help care for the dogs. To donate click here.

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