Fines for York blight violations start Saturday

YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – Clean up or pay up; that’s the message from leaders in York. They’re tired of blight in the city and are cracking down.

“Anybody can just dump whatever they want on the street. They have no respect for where they live,” Richard Rivera said.

Rivera would like to see blight in York cleaned up. Unsightly weeds and high grass, trash on lawns and sidewalks, and even mattresses next to buildings are all things that could get you fined.

“If you’re driving into the city, you see piles of trash along the curbs when it’s not a trash collection day, you see mattresses dumped. That doesn’t speak well for our city or provide a good first impression, said Steven Buffington, deputy director of York City’s Bureau of Permits, Planning and Zoning.

Mayor Kim Bracey on Thursday announced the Neighborhood Improvement Ordinance to fight eyesores. People can receive fines from $25 to $300 for not keeping up their properties. Illegal dumping fines start at $1,000, and dumping hazardous materials could get you a ticket of $5,000.

“This creates a diminished vibrancy and quality of life in the City of York, leading to, in many cases, many negative and adverse effects on our health and safety,” Bracey said.

Code enforcement officers will use devices to take a picture of the offense and print out a ticket.

“As we all know, cameras don’t lie. They’re going to be date stamped. It’s going to be right there, so Joe owner, Joe property owner, Joe whoever is going to want to pay attention to this matter. The evidence is right here,” Bracey said.

“People live here. They want the area to look nice,” Rivera said. “It’s like having your own house. You want your house nice and clean. So, you live here, keep the area clean.”

York residents can be fined beginning Saturday, July 15. West York’s Mayor Shawn Mauck announced a similar ordinance last week.

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