How to keep kids safe at an amusement park

HERSHEY, Pa. (WHTM) – Going to Hersheypark to have fun and make memories is a summer must for many families, but those smiles can easily turn to tears in a matter of seconds.

How can you make sure that day at Hersheypark stays happy? Parents can start by planning ahead.

“Talk to your child about your expectations, that you expect them to stay with you or create a meeting point. If you do get separated, they know where to go,” said Jason White, head of security at Hersheypark.

Take photos of your kids before you arrive or before you enter the park.

“You’re gonna know exactly what they’re wearing. We now have a good description that we can share if we need to look for the child. We know exactly what they look like and the color of their hair,” White said.

Teach your child your cell phone number. Most kids 4 or older should be able to memorize a phone number. Hersheypark also has a free Family Finder program. Parents can write their name and cell phone on a wristband and then put it on their child.

“If we do come upon a separated child, it’s as easy as seeing if they have the wristband. We cut it off their arm and we have the parents name and cell phone number, so within a matter of seconds, we can call that number and reunite parent with their child,” White said.

Teach your kids to identify park employees and point out security guards and other workers based on their uniforms and name tags who would be more than happy to help a child who becomes separated from their parents.

Finally, watch the water. Water parks are tons of fun, but they can also be dangerous, especially for kids who aren’t strong swimmers. Hersheypark has life jackets your kids can use for free. Otherwise, bring your own flotation devices and make sure you and the kids use sunscreen and reapply it after you leave the water.

You should also take a break between high-speed rides and encourage your kids to get off rides slowly to avoid injuries. One in eight amusement park accidents happens while getting on or off rides.

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