National band of thieves returns to Midstate

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A national band of thieves, known as the Felony Lane Gang, is back in the Midstate.

Police are warning people not to leave bags or wallets unattended in their vehicles.

Jed Ruigg, who works in Silver Spring Township, takes a stroll through Pleasant View Park every day.

“I come out and walk for 20 to 30 minutes every day,” Ruigg said.

Little did he know, he was once a bullseye for theft.

“For a while, I was parking my van out here and parking under the trees because it’s shady,” Ruigg said. “I would keep my wallet and check book in there.”

If he’d have done that two weeks ago, he might not be so upbeat today.

“There were three vehicles entered at Pleasant View Park. The window was broken on each vehicle, and there was some type of item taken,” Det. Andrew Bassler of the Silver Spring Township Police Department said.

It happened June 25.

A purse, wallet and two cellphones were stolen. But it wasn’t until last week that Det. Bassler suspected the criminals.

“They’re titled the Felony Lane Gang,” he said.

The name comes from that third lane at the bank. It’s difficult for bank tellers to see customers, so gang members have an easier time using stolen cards and IDs.

“They work straight in Florda,” Bassler, who adds that he believes they have local criminals contributing, said. “They have since, over the last number of years, worked around the eastern United States and targeted vehicles similar to this.”

Police say they have struck Midstate gyms and parks for years, where wallets are often left behind.

“Put it maybe inside the glove box or under a seat, somewhere that’s not readily available that they can see from the outside of the car,” Bassler said.

This summer, the gang has made it to Lancaster and Cumberland counties so far.

If an item of yours is stolen, call police immediately, because they are keeping track of these incidents.

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