Rehab centers warn of possible hidden drug meanings in clothing

These shirts can stand for condensed marijuana.

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A local drug treatment center has a warning for you about spotting possible hidden drug messages in clothing.

They may look like pictures of normal shirts to you, but they could be more than meets the eye. Gaudenzia drug treatment centers holds education sessions for schools and parents on hidden drug messaging in clothing.

These shirts can stand for condensed marijuana.

The shirts of “playing it loud” or “making it loud” could stand for condensed marijuana. Crowns can mean the clothing has hidden compartments for drugs.

“Cats with dilated pupils on a shirt could mean someone is using a drug,” said Matthew Null, the central region referral development manager for Gaudenzia. He says someone wearing that shirt doesn’t necessarily mean someone is on drugs. They could just like cats, but repeatedly wearing some of these items could be a red flag.

Null says the number “710” reads “oil” upside down, and that could stand for marijuana.

“Wearing some of these t-shirts and hats and things like that is advertising,” Null said. “It’s communication too that maybe we can find a friend quickly that maybe would be a drug source, or they’re actually looking at selling or buying.”

“That’s an eye opener because I would have never suspected any of that,” said Josie Evans, a parent.

We asked them about those who are addicted to drugs using the information to continue their habit. They say education is key for the general public to promote awareness about this trend.

“That’s exactly what this is. It’s one more tool. We don’t want to profile anybody or rule anyone out or anything, but when we can see some of these things, it gives us a little red flag that hey, maybe we need to have a conversation with them. They might be using drugs or experimenting with drugs,” Null said.

Null says this is a trend he tries to say on top of because new drug messaging on clothing is always developing. He says you should talk to someone you suspect may be using drugs and seek treatment if they are addicted.

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