Preparing for the Senators fireworks show

HARRISBURG, Pa (WHTM) — Fireworks are one of America’s favorite pastimes. Even though their look has not changed much over the years, how they are prepared has changed.

“It’s tedious. It’s not more difficult, it’s tedious,” said Rick Attivo of ZY Pyrotechnics.

Tuesday night, thousands of fireworks will shoot throughout the area, some weaved together electronically.

“The lift is in this cup, and if you could picture a ball here with lift powder, once it lifts, there is a fuse that hits a time fuse and it tells it when it burst in the air,” said Attivo.

ZY Pyrotechnics set up to fireworks following the Harrisburg Senators game. The Senators organization says fans will get an up-close and personal view of the fireworks.

“It’s an amazing show. We can do things that a big show wouldn’t be able to do in terms of some of the cakes they spray around. You wouldn’t be able to see from a long ways away, but when you’re in an intimate ballpark like this, they just look fantastic,” said Kevin Kulp, president of the Harrisburg Senators.

The ballpark fireworks lead up to the city’s fireworks. The people behind the sparks in the sky say there is an art to putting on a fireworks show.

“There’s a mixture of shells, which will be part of the finale, body, and the opener. Then you have your cake boxes, which are the multi-effect type things, where you light one thing and it does a lot of things in the area,” Attivo said.

With a confined baseball field and a lot of dynamite, officials say safety is their top priority.

“We are going to ask that people move out of the firing zone before we can shoot the fireworks. We’ll begin that process toward the end of the game,” Kulp said.

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