K9 ‘Prince’ training to sniff out missing people, criminals

WEST YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – A Midstate police recruit is training to take a bite out of crime. A bloodhound puppy will track suspected criminals in your community and help find missing people.

“A bloodhound’s nose – and Prince is a purebred bloodhound – a bloodhound’s nose is about 80 percent stronger than a German shepherd or other similar police working dogs,” West York Borough Police Chief Matthew Millsaps said.

Detective Prince is one of central Pennsylvania’s newest police dogs.

Prince and his K9 Handler Scott Musselman showed ABC27 News a demonstration of what they’ve been learning in training.

“I will give him a scent. It could be a scent that’s anything from car keys to a piece of clothing to gloves to anything like that, and he’ll take that scent. He puts his nose in the ground, and he finds which way it went. He’ll find it,” Musselman said.

Prince, a 6-month-old bloodhound, is the newest recruit for the West York Borough Police Department. He should be on the streets in October or November, and his training will be ongoing.

K9 Prince will work for the borough and the York County Sheriff’s Office.

“He’s going to be searching for missing or lost children, as well as older adults. For example, those with dementia, those with medical conditions. Currently, anyone who would be lost, Prince’s primary mission is to search for them,” Millsaps said.

“It’s kind of like any other person that has a job,” Musselman said. “He knows that when he’s at work, it’s time to do a job, and it’s time to perform. When it’s home, he can relax, and he can be a dog, and do dog things.”

Detective Prince will replace the other K9 bloodhound retiring later this year.



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