York group rallies after woman dies in street crossfire

YORK, Pa. (WHTM) — A group of community leaders including local clergy, rallied Friday night at the site of a recent shooting.

“It was a tragic death,” said John Beck, a community organizer who contributes to the Facebook page York City Tired of the Violence.


Beck and about two dozen others stood at the corner of West Princess Street and South Belvidere Avenue holding hands and praying in memory of victim, Elizabeth Vega-Tirado.

Police say Vega-Tirado was exiting a store at the intersection when she was caught in the crossfire of two rival groups with guns. She later died at the hospital.

“I tell people all the time, it is important to live your life and not live in fear,” said Beck. “Be able to go places. But then things like this happen.”

Pastor Bill Kerney, President of the Black Ministers Association of York led a prayer circle.

“Something about death, something about murder,” said Kerney. “Something about these types of incidents will bring a community together, either in the positive or the negative.”

The group is planning another gathering on Monday at 6:30pm at Kingdom Builders Worship Center located at 238 S. Belvidere Ave.

“Don’t just sit home,” pleaded Kerney. “Be active. Be a part of this. Come out and hear the message of love. Come out and hear the message of peace.”

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