Finder hopes to return mystery wedding photo

LEMOYNE, Pa – (WHTM) – A damaged photo of a smiling wedding party is having an identity crisis. The photo needs to find its way back to its pictured family.

“It could be from anywhere in the nation,” Kathleen Khalil said.

Khalil found the weathered black-and-white photograph on her lawn this week and has no idea how it got there. The picture of eight smiling men and women captures the happy moments of a post-wedding photo session in an unknown church in a long ago decade.

“The people are very happy,” Khalil said, “and hopefully, they stayed that way.”

There are no notations on the photograph. One word – Harrisburg – appears where the embossed label of a photographer’s studio would have been placed.

Khalil would like to get the photo back to its owners, who may not know it’s missing.

Contact George at if you know anyone in the photo and can help us get it back to its owner.

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