Boil water directive for Center Square customers remains in effect until further notice

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (WHTM)- A SUEZ water company representative has released this update:

This is an update in follow-up to the original message posted on this site on the evening of June 23 regarding the official boil water notification for Center Square Water System customers.

Center Square Water System customers who received a call from SUEZ directing them to boil their water should continue to do so until further notice. The company used a rapid dialer phone system to contact all affected customers for whom we have a valid phone number when it was determined that they were to boil their water.

Water quality testing has been ongoing and final test results are expected by June 26. If favorable, the directive will be lifted after approval is granted by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

Affected customers who need to update their phone number on their SUEZ account should contact us at 888-299-8972 or 717-564-3662.

The SUEZ representative told abc27 that customers who did not receive a call most likely are not under the boil water advisory. However, if SUEZ does not have an updated phone number or if a customer has recently changed their phone number then they may not have received the advisory message on their phone.

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