Sen. Bob Casey talks health care, education, and President Trump at town hall meeting

Sen. Bob Casey holds a town hall meeting Saturday.

LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senator Bob Casey fielded questions on the topic at a town hall meeting Saturday in Lancaster.

Sen. Bob Casey holds a town hall meeting Saturday.

The Democrat has been vocally against the health care plan from the moment it was made public Thursday.

Supporters say the plan removes the requirement to have health insurance, offers tax credits to buy insurance, and protects people with pre-existing conditions. Critics say it cuts funding to Medicaid and cuts taxes on the wealthy.

Health care, education, and President Donald Trump are some of the topics constituents brought up at the town hall meeting at Franklin and Marshall College.

Hundreds of people packed into the auditorium eager to ask Senator Casey their questions.

The first question, and a big focus of the town hall meeting, was about the health care bill.

“First of all, it sells out the middle class. It’s bad for children. It’s bad for seniors. It’s bad for people with disabilities, and it’s a huge giveaway of tax cuts to the super rich,” Casey said.

The audience listens to Sen. Bob Casey.

Casey says he thinks the bill would be disastrous for the country.

“We have a health care bill that is threatening to put 23 million people off of health care,” Ajay Marwaha said before asking a health care question at the town hall.

“You should be able to walk into the Costco and go, ‘Give me the hot dog, the Coke, the sauerkraut, and health care,'” Jeffrey Cutler said.

Sen. Bob Casey addresses his constituents.

Cutler disagrees with Casey and thinks the Affordable Care Act needs to be repealed and replaced.

Thomas Chapman attended the town hall and asked, “What can be done about Trump’s behavior?”

“I think they still need to keep up the pressure on the nonsense that some of this is and keep pointing out that the emperor has no clothes,” Chapman said.

“We’re learning more and more about a business interest over here with the president and a potential conflict of interest over there,” Casey said.

“The whole trumped up charges against the President and the Russian controversy is a load of bull,” Cutler said.

Education was another topic. Casey wants more money for preschool and kindergarten programs.

The chairman of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania said in response to the town hall, “It’s disappointing that Bob Casey continues to play political games instead of working across the aisle to find solutions to fix our broken healthcare system.”

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