Former Mayor’s racist Facebook posts inspire new human relations commission

WEST YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – A local mayor says racist social media posts inspired him to make more of an effort to protect you from discrimination. It’s a team effort, and he says it will change your community.

The West York Borough Hall is expected to be the home of a newly-formed commission giving the people of West York and York more protection from discrimination.

Former West York Mayor Charles Wasko made posts on Facebook he admitted to ABC27 News were racist.

“He decided to judge them based on whatever hatred he has in his heart,” West York Mayor Shawn Mauck (D) said.

Mauck is trying to make sure West York is inviting for all people.

“There are gay and lesbian residents, transgender residents who are going through the same hurt. There are residents of disabilities who are going through the same discrimination, Muslims and Jews,” Mauck said.

York City has had a human relations commission for decades where residents can file complaints. Around 150 complaints have been filed each year over the past few years. The commission protects residents against discrimination in housing, employment, and public accommodations.

“They’re protected in everything from sexual orientation, fair housing, gender, race, and religion,” York City Mayor Kim Bracey (D) said.

West York doesn’t have a human relations commission. Now Mayors Mauck and Bracey are working together to bring York City’s commission into West York’s building.

“It really was just everything falling into place,” Bracey said.

The pair would like the commission to serve the entire county in the future.

“I’m hoping that we can have a conversation with other municipalities and say, ‘This is how this has worked for us. This has really benefited our residents. You should do it too,'” Mauck said.

York’s lease at West York Borough Hall hasn’t been approved yet, but the York City Council is expected to it the green light on Tuesday.

Mauck is pretty sure a human relations ordinance will pass soon and says that’s the second step of this process. Fines would depend on the offence. For now, it will be modeled after the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission.

Carlisle started its own human relations commission late last year.


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