Hundreds watch West Shore building implosion

A West Shore landmark is no more. The Senate Plaza Building off Erford Road in East Pennsboro Township was imploded on Saturday morning. What took months of planning, took just seconds to accomplish.

After the cheers and the dust settled, all that was left was a pile of rubble where the once 230-thousand square foot, 6 story tall building stood since 1974. Hundreds of people packed the lawn across the street at Chapel Hill United Church to watch it happen. Some showed up before the sun!

“I never saw any in person,” said Anita Cox of Enola, “I wanted to be here since I’m so close.”

“When we’re on the bus I go this way, so I see it everyday,” said 10-year-old Austin Pickel.

4-year-old Nathan and 6-year-old Nicholas were satisfied with the show.

“It was awesome,” said Nathan.

But for Carol Brault, this is bittersweet. She worked in that building for 30 years. She even met her husband there.

“I don’t know, it’s a part of my life history that’s no longer there,” she said.

While the walls may have crumbled, thoughts of her special moments will remain in tact. Carol knows this is just the price of progress.
“I think the building was old, and it wasn’t efficient, and it’s time for it to go,” she said, “But on the other hand, there are a lot of good memories there.”

It took more than 1200 charges to bring down the building. The developer said the implosion went off without a hitch.

After some clean-up and construction, a Sheetz will be built on the corner, along with a Wendy’s, a Starbucks, a hotel, and an apartment building. Those businesses should be ready to open sometime in 2018.

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