The Partnership for Hope : Providing care for those in need

The Partnership for Hope was created to help people in central PA have a meaningful impact in their community.

“In our first six years we’ve mobilized hundreds of volunteers, hosted dozens of events for over 2,000 community leaders, fostered collaborations with over two dozen other non-profit organizations, distributed over $5,000,000 in basic needs, and equipped teams to help over 13,000 homeless families, ex-offenders, struggling youth, veterans, and others,” tells Dave Seaman.

“As a result of helping people in need with basic needs, we established relationships with retailers through which local stores provide home and baby items, toys, clothing, food and other necessities. We’ve collected over $5,000,000 in items that have helped over 10,000 people who are getting back on their feet after crisis situations. We estimate that we’ve prevented over 50 tons of new and clearance items from ending up in landfills.”

To get involved or find out how you can help, visit


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