Recycle Bicycle: Bringing Biking Back to the Community

Recycle Bicycle Harrisburg lets people build their own bike for free from donated bikes and parts, recycles used bicycles back into the community, and teaches safe bike riding to the community. Ross Willard and Kelly Sangree were here to tell us more about their organization and teach us a few bike safety tips.

“May is National Bike Month – when you get out your bike for the season, there are important things to do to make sure you ride safely,” tells Kelly Sangree, a volunteer at Recycle Bicycle.

” Follow the ABC’s – Air in your tires, Brakes are working with good pads and pressure, and Chain is oiled and moving well (no WD 40 – chainsaw oil is better). Without enough Air, you can get a pinch flat because of the rim squishing the tube. Without Brakes, you crash. And if your Chain breaks or skips, that puts a stop to your riding.”

For more on the organization, check out the video above or go online to



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