Return The Favor: The importance of veteran job fairs

Last month, we told you about a veterans job fair taking place in York County. They happen from time to time all across the Midstate. One local veteran wants others to really think about going.

Alan Frame loves his model trains. It’s one of the hobbies of this retired Vietnam War veteran. After hearing about a veterans job fair last year, he decided to check it out. He didn’t get a job. He got something even more valuable: important information about his health. He had been diagnosed with prostate cancer but didn’t feel he had enough information about it.

“I was trying to seek out going to the computer,” Frame said, “but it was too much trying to fiddle through what’s true and what isn’t true. Luckily, I bumped into this Prostate Cancer Coalition gentleman and he started to explain it to me. It was a big relief. He helped me out a lot.”

Many Vietnam vets worry about prostate cancer because of possible exposure to Agent Orange. That’s why Frame is so grateful for the help he received.

“I go over there to thank every vendor,” he said. “I’ll start at one end and go down the aisle and thank them for helping the vets. Some of the vets don’t do that. One of the vendors helped me. I’m going to go thank everybody else for coming out and spending their time and money to help the veterans.”

He encourages all vets to check out the job fairs whether they’re looking for a job or not.

“Stop by,” he said, “You never know who you might bump into.”

Frame says the veterans job fairs are also great because it’s a chance to meet other veterans and swap stories. As for his prostate cancer, doctors continue to monitor his condition. Right now, he’s doing well.

For a list of some future veteran job fairs, check out

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