Thanks, Mom: A heart-to-heart about the sacrifices, pressures, and rewards

Be attentive, but don’t hover. Be gentle, but don’t be a pushover. And don’t even think about throwing anything less than a Pinterest-perfect birthday party.

Being a mom is hard, especially since kids don’t come with instruction manuals (who knew?). That’s why we’re going beyond the picture-perfect social media posts and having real talk with real moms as we approach Mother’s Day.

Amanda St. Hilaire and Kendra Nichols are joined by their moms on this episode of On Deadline, along with Dennis Owens and ABC27’s “news mom” Flora Posteraro. They talk about the challenges and rewards of being a stay-at-home mom, juggling family needs and workplace responsibilities, and resisting the urge to compare and compete.

Warning: A few tears were shed during the making of this podcast episode.

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