Should driver’s education be required?

CAMP HILL, Pa. (WHTM) – Should all students be required to take driver’s education to get their licenses?

That was a topic of conversation among driving professionals at the Pennsylvania State Driving Competition for teens in Cumberland County.

Twenty-eight students from Lebanon, York, Carlisle and all over the Midstate, who won their regional competitions, took a written and driving test Tuesday to determine the best of the best drivers in the state. The top three winners earned $1,000 or more toward their college educations.

But many students have to pay out of pocket to take the professional driving lessons, a luxury not all students can afford.

According to York County school teachers ABC27 spoke with, the state only reimburses in the school $35 per student but teachers say when adding up gas and instructors, the cost can be from $150-280 per student.

The state reimbursement of $35 has not been raised since the 1950s.

ABC27 reached out to Sen. Mike Reagan to see if he thought drivers education should be state funded and available to all students. He issued the following response:

Driver education programs play an important role in preparing young drivers to be safe and responsible behind the wheel. I’ve seen the benefits firsthand with my own two daughters. These critical programs should be accessible and affordable for students and their families. Sufficient investments should be made in programs which keep Pennsylvania motorists safe.

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