Commissioners consider trap, neuter, release program to control feral cat population

ENOLA, Pa. (WHTM) – People spoke about a surge of feral cats at a public meeting, and now East Pennsboro Township Commissioners are looking at taking action.

Other townships and boroughs in the Midstate have also put programs into place to prevent a feral cat problem from taking over your neighborhood.

SNAP of Pa. has spayed or neutered more than 90,000 animals since 1981.

“Something needs to be done,” said Danielle Jacobs, owner of Oasis Salon.

Jacobs rescued a dog named Molly, who’s a six-year-old Border Collie mix.

“I was finding some cat droppings in my yard, and my dog was having fun with them by eating them, which was really risky as far as her health,” Jacobs said.

Jacobs says the feral cat population has gotten out of control.

“I saw a near car accident where a woman slammed on her brakes and almost got rear-ended,” Jacobs said. “I also saw one actually get hit, which wasn’t pleasant at all.”

This prompted her to speak out at an East Pennsboro Township Commissioners meeting. The board is now considering hiring a company for a trap, neuter, release program.

“It’s a human-made problem. These animals were tossed. They were at some point able to breed, and when you have two animals, two cats, within a season, you’re going to have 50 cats,” said Essie Petrovich, president of the Spay Neuter Assistance Program.

The owner of Oasis Salon spoke out at a public meeting.

The program has helped to fix more than 90,000 animals in Central Pennsylvania since 1981.

“It’s huge. There’s isn’t a community, a township, a municipality that does not have a feral cat problem,” Petrovich said.

She’s seen several Midstate communities fix that problem through two steps: Trap, neuter, release, and then someone taking care of the colony.

“New Cumberland, Steelton, Derry Township, Lower Paxton Community Cats, they have instituted very successful spay-neuter programs,” Petrovich said.

“The only way we’re going to fix this problem is by someone standing up,” Jacobs said.

East Pennsboro Township Commissioners hope to make a decision on the program this summer.

You can take action if you see feral cats. You can contact the Snap Neuter Assistance Program, or SNAP of Pa., by clicking here, or Nobody’s Cat Foundation by clicking here.


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