Trooper Minute: Motorcycle Safety

May is Motorcycle Safety Month, and that means all drivers on the road should practice safe habits and be alert. By sharing the road, you can do your part to reduce crashes and save lives.

First, motorcyclists should wear proper clothing and turn on the headlight. Some crashes can be prevented by simply being visible. The same goes for signaling a lane change. Always ensure you signal before changing lanes.

Next, the distance between vehicles could be a life saver. Drivers should keep increased distance from motorcycles when on the road. The more distance you have, the great chance you have to react safely to something unforeseen.

Intersections can be a dangerous place for motorcycles. If you’re in a vehicle, double check before pulling out. Motorcycles can be harder to see than other vehicles. If you’re on your motorcycle, always do your best to anticipate if there’s a chance a car can pull out.

Finally, be aware of any road hazards. Wet leaves, gravel, and changes in road conditions can be dangerous for motorcyclists.

Visit for more information or check out the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program for free classes.

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