Outdoors Report: Sustainable Forestry

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM)- Three out of every five acres in Pennsylvania is forest–a renewable energy source that provides us with food, paper, furniture, habitat for wildlife and a haven for personal refuge and inspiration. Since 1886 the {ennsylvania Forestry Association has been working to promote forest stewardship.

“It’s a volunteer organization of people who want to preserve nature in a sustainable way. That’s why the tree farm system inspects you every 5 years to make sure you’re continuing with the program because it’s a constant responsibility,” said tree farmer Dave Twining.

The tree farm program provides private landowners with a management plan to promote the growing of renewable natural resources and protect the environmental benefits of a productive forest.

Dave says, “It’s up to you to specify what you want to preserve. Whether it’s wildlife, the trees, most people will combine those things. They’ll have nice trees, a nice forest and it also provides for wildlife. I’m raising young trees, harvesting older trees, but at the same time, I’m aware of the habitat the various wildlife needs. I don’t do anything that’s going to harm the habitat. Indeed the tree farm encourages and preserves the habitat. We get to see a lot more wildlife of all types.”

Water, wildlife, recreation, wood – the four sides of the green and white tree farm sign tell the story of sustainable forestry.

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