Messiah College students make little girl 3D printed prosthetic hand

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A little girl was born with no fingers on one hand. These days, that’s not quite as big of a problem as you might think. That’s because a hand can now be printed.

Two Messiah College biomedical engineering seniors have been working on a very special project for an entire year.

“What we did with one of those was to create a 3D prosthetic for Emmy Hoffman,” said Timothy Gover, who worked on the project.

“It’s called symbrachydactyly, and it’s a condition where she’s missing fingers,” said Jocelyn Hoffman, Emmy’s mom.

Six-year-old Emmy Hoffman has a new 3D printed prosthetic hand.


Emmy got a hot pink 3D printed prosthetic hand last year. The new one is customized to her hand, bigger, and has more padding.

Gover and Jessica Raboci worked on the project together and presented six-year-old Emmy with her new prosthetic hand Friday.

“I love it,” Emmy Hoffman said. “It has hearts in the front, and it’s purple.”

“Most prosthetics are expensive for kids, especially because they need one every year,” Raboci said.

The materials for Emmy’s new hand cost only $26. Regular prosthetic devices can cost thousands of dollars.

“I think I was really excited to be able to help someone to be able to use what I’ve been learning and actually apply it in not just a way of design something that’s for everyday use but something that can actually help her have a better life,” Raboci said.

“My skills and ability are able to be used in a way to help others, not just some way to help myself to increase my own lot in life but so that another person is able to feel much better and be able to do more than what they were given,” Gover said.

“These children can do anything. They just do it differently,” Jocelyn Hoffman said.

Emmy is now able to do more thanks to a 3D printer and two college students helping her have a better life.

Jocelyn Hoffman wrote a book, “Emmy’s Amazing Hand.” For more information, click here.

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