Carlisle community works with warehouses to plant trees

CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) – Warehouses don’t always get a warm welcome when they move into a neighborhood. People say they’re noisy and create an eyesore in the community.

But one Carlisle community is working with nearby warehouse developers to beautify their neighborhood. This month, 2,500 trees were planted between the Nottingham and Valley Meadow neighborhoods and neighboring Exel warehouses. The idea is to block the neighbors’ view of the buildings.

Joe Nunez, who lives in Nottingham, says they were promised a barrier from the start.

“When they started building the warehouse, I came out here,” Nunez said, explaining that Exel built a berm to block neighbors’ views of the warehouses. “Once the warehouses actually started being built, we saw that this was not working exactly.”

The community formed the Nottingham and Valley Meadow Neighborhood Association to negotiate with Exel and Carlisle Borough.

“To improve the views for neighbors and improve property values,” said Nunez, vice president of the association. “There were a lot of meetings, phone calls, a lot of walking up and down.”

Finally, the three groups reached a deal.

Exel paid for $200,000 worth of trees to form a barrier between the two neighborhoods and its two factories. The borough hired an outside landscaper.

Parks and Recreation Director Andrea Crouse says it’s the largest reforestation project in the borough ever.

“It helps noise, it helps air pollution, it cleans the environment,” she said.

Nunez says he’s satisfied with the years-long effort.

“This is a huge area to cover and it was a complicated task, but I think we’re on top of it right now,” he said.

The trees won’t be fully grown to serve as a barrier for another 15 to 20 years, but the neighborhood is thinking of future generations.

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