Outdoors Report: Birds on display

The Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art has really done it this time!

On display now through the end of August is the work of Roger Tory Peterson, the inventor of the modern field guide, whose name is synonymous with birds and birding.

“Roger Tory Peterson really got people to look at birds from a different perspective. Through his art, he created the fantastic field guide that we still use this day. We learned that people really need to identify birds through field markings. Although they called them field markings although they called them ‘uniforms,'” said Beth Sanders from the Ned Smith Center.

Besides birds, Peterson’s art covers a broad sector of nature – from wildflowers to butterflies. He was also a gifted photographer, filmmaker and writer.

“The very foods that the birds need to survive were the things that he was very curious about and wanted to learn more about. Peterson field guides became very extensive. He was one of the first wildlife artists that began to draw birds through his photography rather than shooting the birds. He was also able to reach a larger audience through his filmmaking,” said Sanders.

This tremendous exhibit ties together the Center’s focus on nature and art – don’t miss it.

For ABC27 Outdoors, I’m Kermit Henning.

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