Lots of sunshine today, dreary weather returns Wednesday

Skies cleared yesterday making for a nice and pleasant evening across Central PA. The pleasant weather will stick around today with mostly sunny weather and comfortable temperatures, near 70 degrees. Tonight and Wednesday a shift in the wind direction (from the east) will allow lots of clouds to pour in from the Atlantic Ocean and create an “easterly-flow” day. What does this mean? Well, it means get ready to be socked in with low clouds and drizzle throughout the day Wednesday as is often seen when east flow off the ocean pushes some marine air up against the mountains to the west. That will keep it cool and gray all day with highs struggling to get near 60 degrees tomorrow.

Thursday we get back to some sun and shoot temperatures up into the mid 70s. There may be a stray shower or storm possible Thursday evening but that threat doesn’t look all that high. Much of the day will likely stay dry. Friday will also bring highs in the 70s and mainly dry weather. For the weekend, it looks seasonable with highs in the mid 60s. Saturday looks to be the better of the two days with partly cloudy skies and a bit of a breezy. Sunday brings a chance of rain or storms and that carries over into Monday too. Enjoy the spring forecast! Lots of April showers!

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