Some storms around later today, a very warm Easter Sunday in store

There is the slight chance for a passing shower for areas northwest of Harrisburg in the ridge and valley region this morning. This could affect early Easter morning services, but again the chances of seeing rain are low. Throughout the daylight hours dry weather should hold. Chances for storms will go up after 4 PM, with the bulk of the storms arriving after dark. This is all going to happen as temperatures stay very mild and warm. The morning starts in the 60s, with lower 80s following by the afternoon and evening. As the front gets closer this evening and overnight winds will be blustery with gusts up to 25-30 mph.

The front is slow enough that cooler air will not arrive until Tuesday this week. Monday features highs in the lower 70s and clearing skies with a breeze. East winds develop off the cooler Atlantic Ocean waters Tuesday and clouds will likely remain stubborn all day. If we do break out of the low clouds temperatures could increase close to 70°.

Wednesday through Sunday in this upcoming forecast continue to show mixed signals about rain and rainfall timing. Scattered light showers are likely by Wednesday, but now Thursday may stay mainly dry other than a few passing showers or storms. There is also the chance for some steady to heavy rain as early as Thursday night before conditions clear for Friday and Saturday. Given the variability of the 7-day forecast details will be tough to nail down over the next three days. At this point none of the days in question appear to be wash outs, so some periods of dry weather those days can be expected too. We will keep you posted.

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