Outdoors Report: Plant food plots for deer

Planting food plots for deer will definitely improve your hunting ground. Even the smallest efforts made in improving the quality of food in your hunting area will be rewarded. But making an effective food plot involves a lot more than just scratching the ground and broadcasting seed.

Brock Ryall, Wildlife Biologist says, “The main reason that we do these food plots is to hold and maintain a food population obviously for hunting reasons. Whether you have four acres 4 acres 400 acres or 4000 acres anything that you can do to increase the quality of habitat is going to benefit you.”

When planning any food plot, make sure you have enough of a variety of food types to feed deer all year long – not just in the fall hunting seasons.

“In this particular time of this year is we are using perennials. We are going to do some annuals a little later in the year. The reason is to provide year around nutrition. You want to forage for the deer spring summer fall winter. That keeps them here,” says Ryall.

When a food plot is properly planted and maintained, your deer hunting success is certain to improve.

“Creating a habit that has all of the deer’s requirements: food water and cover, that’s a priority. If you have those on your hunting property you will have great results,” said Ryall.

Put out a balanced food plot, watch the deer use it all summer and dream of trophies in the fall.

For abc27 Outdoors, I’m Kermit Henning.

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