What’s Going Around: Impetigo and stomach bug

Lancaster General Health Physicians Roseville Pediatrics continues to see strep throat and viral illnesses as well as pink eye, sinusitis and ear infections. There were also several confirmed cases of the flu this week.

New this week, doctors have seen more rashes including impetigo, an infection of the skin with streptococcal bacteria. It often shows up on the face and appears as a red sore with a crust on top. The crust often has a yellow color to it, frequently described as “dried honey.”

Providers say it’s important to have a child with a “crusting” rash treated by a doctor, as topical and oral antibiotics are sometimes prescribed.

PinnacleHealth’s Heritage Pediatrics in Camp Hill is starting to see more stomach bug cases. The viral illness often starts out with fever and belly pain, followed by vomiting several times within a 24 hour period.

A reduced appetite and belly cramps can then last for up to a week later.  Some children are also developing diarrhea.

Parents are encouraged to put their children on a bland diet including bananas, rice and toast, and clear liquids. Pedialyte is recommended for infants.

Dr. Kathleen Zimmerman said medicine is not recommended to treat the stomach bug. However, occasionally a doctor may prescribe an anti-nausea medicine if children become dehydrated.

WellSpan Medical Group providers say the number of flu cases in Adams, Lancaster, Lebanon and York counties has dropped off. The number of stomach flu cases is also continuing to decrease. WellSpan providers still anticipate an increase in seasonal allergies in the near future.

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