Harrisburg looking for input on summer programs, Reservoir Park renovations

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Do you have an idea of what you would like your kids to do this summer? Harrisburg leaders want your opinion on programs for children and improvements to Reservoir Park.

It may be hard to believe, but kids will be out of school in about two months.

“They’ve got little programs out here in Harrisburg, but they do need more to help the kids,” said Donald Harris, who lives in Harrisburg.

Harris has some ideas for summer programs he’d like to see.

“Little programs that come around and pick up kids at their house at a certain time and bring them to an inside building so they can have little activities would be good,” Harris said.

Harrisburg officials are working on that now. They’re getting ready to hire summer staff for kids programs which could include playground activities, sports, and educational programs.

“I think every community likes to make sure their children are occupied over the summer. It keeps them off the streets and also encourages that learning attitude all year round,” said Jackie Parker, executive director of Harrisburg Community & Economic Development.

Going to the park is another thing kids can do in the summer. Parker says leaders are looking for resident’s ideas on how to renovate the entire Reservoir Park.

“We know they want more bike trails. We know they want more foot trails. There was talk of a spray park. There’s certainly upgrading of playground equipment because we will have summer programs at Reservoir Park,” Parker said.

Another idea for the park is a dog park. Lemir Isom-Riley would like to bring Yeezy, a Labrador and pit bull mix, to it.

“I’m pretty sure he would love it. He would love it. I took him to one before and he just had a ball, had a blast,” Isom-Riley said.

“We are stewards of those assets, but it’s really the public that uses them,” Parker said. “Not only do we want the local people to use it, we want it to be a destination for people outside the area.”

For more information on the Reservoir Park study and a survey, click here.

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