Tips for cooking clean meals for your family

With so-called clean eating all the rage, how can you make clean and healthy meals for your family?

Wes Stepp is a chef who is all about eating and cooking healthy. He says food is not the enemy, it’s the answer to being healthy.

“Make the change for yourself first, then it will transition to your family, your loved ones and your kids. It’s a pattern for a healthy lifestyle,” Stepp said.

You can control fat by cooking with an olive oil spray instead of olive oil.

“I always spray the food and not the grill. If you spray the grill, you will burn all of it right off,” Stepp said.

You should also eat smaller portions more. It stokes your metabolism and that burns fat. Also, avoid processed foods and sugar.

“I think the nation is addicted to sugar. Sugar is not a fat. It’s a simple carbohydrate that’s stored as fat,” Stepp said.

Stepp says sugar also causes inflammation and joint pain.

And here’s the biggie: get the dirt out and start cooking and eating clean meals.

“Eating clean means as close as it appears in nature; chicken, lean proteins. You’re not eating a lot of trans fats. We’re eating a lot of vegetables. We’re eating complex carbohydrates. Sweet potatoes are an excellent example,” Stepp said.

Instead of frying chicken and veggies, grill or roast them, keeping them clean of extras that add fat and calories.

Stepp has put together a cookbook. It has healthy recipes and lists foods you and your family should and should not eat to be fit and healthy.

He encourages families to prepare healthy foods ahead of time and drink lots of water to stay hydrated and detox the body.

For more information on healthy eating with Chef Stepp, go to

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