Mommy Minute: Discover the Dinosaurs coming to Farm Show Complex this week

Courtesy: Discover the Dinosaurs

Discover the Dinosaurs is about to unleash at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg.

Guests can touch a T-Rex, dig for fossils and even take a ride on their favorite creature from the past.

“They move, they roar,” performer Meg Edwards said. “They’re pretty exciting.”

Courtesy: Discover the Dinosaurs

Edwards said the event promises to make little jaws drop.

“That’s my favorite part, is just the faces on these kids and how excited they are and surprised to see these giant dinosaurs roaming around Harrisburg,” she said.

The show opens Friday afternoon and runs through Sunday evening. Visitors can make a day of it or pop in for a quick, prehistoric stroll.

Courtesy: Discover the Dinosaurs

“It’s completely self-paced,” Edwards said. “You can take all day if you want. You can zip through fast. We find it’s usually about an hour and a half, generally.”

Edwards suggests not making the trip a surprise since the dinosaurs are large.

“Maybe prepare them,” she said. “Tell them the dinosaurs are big before you come in.”

While people of all ages have enjoyed the show, they have found there is a target age range.

“For the most part, we find it’s 4-8,” Edwards said. “They get the most out of it. That being said, all ages come in and get so much out of it. Parents and grandparents enjoy it.”

Courtesy: Discover the Dinosaurs

Tickets run $19 for general admission and concessions will be available for purchase. Some of the attractions do have height and weight limits.

One tip from organizers: lines typically become significantly shorter after 3 p.m.

For more information, visit

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