Chambersburg bowlers celebrate the ‘Golden Years’ in annual league

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – During the coldest months of the year, Lincoln Lanes hosts a bowling league for anyone over the age of 50 twice a week. They’re called the ‘Golden Age’ League.

What exactly is the Golden Age?

“If you ask fifty different people you’ll probably get fifty different answers,” chuckled Garry Culler, an 80 year old from Fayetteville who has been a part of the league for 30 years, “Socially once you get into your 70’s people say you’re in your ‘Golden Years’. I’m not sure what that all means.”

On Thursday the league starts bowling at 12:30, but most arrive at 11:30. There’s a lot of catching up to do in the days that have passed. You can tell right away that socializing and bowling are dovetailed. As teams take turns on lanes, others grab lunch together or a cup of coffee. It’s clear many here are longtime friends. What’s not clear is which came first, the friendship or the league.

“Oh, I’ve made a lot of friendships, as I’ve seen a lot of people come and go,” Culler adds, “I’ve bowled with people I knew for years outside of bowling. It’s just been a good time.”

Time comes up a lot in talking with members of the Golden Age League. As Charlie Coons, an 80 year old also from Fayetteville bluntly puts it, “Yeah, I’ve had a long life.”


As the three and a half hours of bowling carries on, 84 year old Jean Pilgrim, who walks to Lincoln Lanes when the weather is nice, provides perhaps the best advice. Whether you’re in your Golden Years or any other, time is best spent in one way.

“Getting together with good friends and sharing your lives. Sharing good things and bad.”

The league’s season ends next week. But rest assured, as many of these familiar faces that can will be back next year.

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