State police: Pennsylvania judge reported missing has been located

UPDATE: Pennsylvania State Police say Edwin Kosik has been safely recovered.

SCRANTON, Pa. (AP) — Pennsylvania police are taking to the air as the search intensifies for a 91-year-old federal judge reported missing from his home.

U.S. Marshal Martin Pane said Thursday that Edwin Kosik takes medication for “memory loss” and that might have played a role in his disappearance. Pane said investigators haven’t yet ruled out foul play.

Kosik was last seen late Tuesday trying to enter a grocery store pharmacy. Pane says the store was closed and Kosik drove in the opposite direction from his house. Pane says Kosik left his wallet and phone at home.

Marshals say Kosik is driving a gray 2015 Acura with driver’s-side damage.

State police are searching the area via helicopter but so far have found no trace.

Kosik stopped hearing cases last month because of health issues.

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