10-Pound Throwdown urges healthy choices

DOVER, Pa. (WHTM) – The energy was high for a body combat class at the Dover Area YMCA — and so was the motivation.

Michelle Smith is taking part in the 10-Pound Throwdown through Wellspan Health. It’s a free, 10-week online program that offers tips, tracking tools, progress charts, and incentives to drop 10 pounds.

This year, 6,000 people are taking part. Last year, close to 4,000 people lost 11,000 pounds.

Businesses and groups can team up. Kathy Dowling encouraged Smith to get involved.

“We have school-age children who are very rambunctious and they want to go,” Dowling said. “It really improves their lifestyle when they are physically fit and can do things that the other children want them to do.”

So far, it’s working. Through small changes and taking classes like this, Smith is already down 2.5 pounds.

“I’ve increased my steps, I’ve increased my water,” she said, “and I have noticed that I don’t want to take a nap with my 3-year-old as often as I was before, and it’s only been a week.”

The 10-Pound Throwdown officially kicked off March 13, but you can register anytime through Wellspan. It runs through May 22.

Online: https://www.10poundthrowdown.com/

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