Sources say Don Meyer has been transported to hospital for medical emergency

Donald Meyer leaves the Perry County Courthouse May 5, 2016 after pleading not guilty to criminal homicide and other charges. (WHTM)

NEW BLOOMFIELD, Pa. (WHTM )- Sources say Don Meyer, the Perry County man charged in the death of his daughter, has been taken to the hospital after a medical emergency.

In January 2016, police say Don Meyer pointed a gun at a constable who was trying to evict him from his apartment near Duncannon.

Authorities say the constable fired at Meyer in self-defense, in turn, hitting and killing his 12-year-old daughter Ciara, who was standing behind her father.

Police say Meyer wasn’t supposed to have any weapons. His history of mental illness should have prevented him from purchasing a weapon.

The constable was cleared of wrongdoing and Meyer was charged with homicide.

In 2011, Meyer was involuntarily committed to a psychiatric institution. Under the law, that means Meyer could not possess any weapons.

Still, Meyer was able to purchase a gun a year later.

Meyer’s brother-in-law found his gun application when cleaning out Meyer’s apartment. It shows that Meyer checked “no” when asked about any prior mental health issues.

Regardless, the application should have been flagged when it was run through the system.

By law, the county mental health administrator is required to report persons who are involuntarily committed to state police. In this instance, it would have been Dauphin County.

State police say their records indicate they were never notified about Don Meyers’ involuntary commitment.

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