2017 Chrysler Pacifica Limited

Chrysler’s minivan used to be called the Town and Country, but now it’s the Pacifica. It can’t be overstated how much better this all-new vehicle really is. Our review Pacifica is the top-of-the-line Limited, one of five trim levels. It has lots of options including 20-inchers for an extra $1,000. All-wheel drive is not available but a hybrid version is.

Inside, three words come to mind: luxury, roominess, and utility. If you can’t find a place to stow your sunglasses, phone, or whatever, you’re not looking. A profile history of the Chrysler minivan molded into the bottom of a front storage bin made me smile. So did all the legroom and Chrysler’s excellent Uconnect system with a wide touchscreen.

A dash-mounted rotary gear selector on the nine-speed automatic frees up more room for storage cubbies. Power side doors are standard on the Limited, but if you want the awesome video system, that will cost an extra $2,000. Kids will love it, with nearby AC power and game system inputs right on the seat backs. Row two is only two passenger, but the trade-off is Chrysler’s Stow and Go seats that can disappear into the floor in seconds; one of the greatest minivan inventions ever.

With row three seats deployed, cargo space is still very good because of the deep well behind the seats. In the Limited, you just touch a button and row three tumbles into the floor to open up maximum cargo space.

Cleaning up after a trip with the kids can always be a chore, but it’s a little easier in the Pacifica because of the built-in vacuum cleaner.

With a 287 horsepower V6, the Pacifica has plenty of performance. Handling feels like a minivan, but it’s the quietest cruising minivan I’ve ever reviewed.

So for the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Limited, I say thumbs up to great utility, great comfort, and innovative features; thumbs down to no available all-wheel drive.

I averaged about 22 miles per gallon. The as-tested sticker price is $48,475.

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