The great melt continues this week

The strong March sun angle did its thing over the weekend and helped melt a lot of the snow from last Tuesday. Some places picked up several inches of snow this weekend, but that also melted at a rapid rate and more melting will occur this week. Expect a sunny start to this Monday with clouds increasing through the afternoon. Highs this afternoon will be near 50 degrees. A weak system will move in to the region tonight with a few, light, scattered showers. Lows will drop into the upper 30s and most of the showers will have exited by dawn tomorrow. Clouds will linger early tomorrow with sunshine by the afternoon and highs in the mid 50s.

It turns a bit chilly again for Wednesday, but it doesn’t last long. Highs only get into the 40s for Wednesday with breezy conditions, but it’s right back to the 50s heading into the end of the week. We even look to shoot up to the 60s by Saturday ahead of a front. That front will likely bring a few more showers for Sunday and next Monday as temperatures stay rather seasonable. Pretty soon, all that snow will be a distant memory. By the way, Spring begins at 6:28am this morning! Enjoy!

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