Fundraiser held for victims of Harrisburg fires

A fundraiser was created to help any person who was affected from the fires that happened last weekend. The organizer said he didn’t even know the victims or their families. He said he felt called to help, so he took action.

Even during the darkest days help can be found right around the corner. And in the case, at the corner of South 18th Street and Rudy Road.

“This has been a very devastating moment for each one of my family members. Everybody is so hurt,” Theresa Harris said, who lost everything in one of the fires.

More than 10 homes were damaged during the fires on Lexington and Walnut streets last weekend.

“I lost everything. I had a five bedroom home. Seven of us in the household. We lost everything in the house hold,” Harris said.

But for Harris, nothing compares to the loss of the two children who died from the fire.

“We were all connected. We were all family there. We looked out for each other on that block,” Harris.

But support came in as fast as the donations did. Including money, gift cards, shoes, and toilet trees.

“You know those things that you lose in a fire that you don’t think about,” Aneisha Reid, a volunteer, said.

Complete strangers enjoying music, food, and prayer, doing whatever they can to get those back on their feet.

“If they need us to drop it off for them because some of them are staying at hotels, that’s exactly what we’ll be doing,” Reid said.

“I hope that the community continues to come together. And we can make a difference in our city. It starts here in Harrisburg,” Branch said.

If you’d like to make a donation, you can contact Branch at 717-443-2639.

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