Congressman Scott Perry holds town hall

RED LION, Pa. (WHTM) There were a lot of cheers and jeers from the audience at Congressman Scott Perry’s town hall in Red Lion Saturday. A majority of them were noticeably against him, but even some of his loudest hecklers were grateful he showed up.

“We just want to be respectful of each other,” Perry said.

Even so, it was a tough crowd.

“What was frustrating to me was the rudeness of the people within the meeting,” Betsy Hower, chairman of the Adams County Republican Committee, said.

But what some call rude, others call passionate.

“I see everything going on in government right now as a step backwards and away from everything that we have accomplished,” Deana Weaver, member of the Dillsburg Area Free Thinkers, said.

Barely able to finish his sentences, Perry is the first republican member of congress from Pennsylvania to hold a live town hall since Trump took office.

“It’s still important to take input from everybody in every way that you can so you can make the best decisions that again encompass the whole district,” Perry said.

He made it clear he won’t vote for the GOP healthcare proposal, but is still against Obamacare.

“Even if you like it and it’s serving you well right now, it’s not going to last whether we want it to or not,” Perry said.

“I believe in the affordable care act. I believe that it can be amended in order to keep costs down,” Stephanie Gray, a health actuary, said.

Even the loudest critics said it’s nothing personal.

“Scott and I are very much friends but we are also very much polar opposites when it comes to politics,” Weaver said.

“I’m very proud to be part of country where you can disagree with your leaders, and I’m very proud of leaders who are willing to come and face their constituents,” Gray said.

Perry said he’s going to continue to do more town halls in the future, hopefully one every four months.

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