Man gets up to 15 years in Ephrata shooting

LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – A Lancaster man will serve up to 15 years in prison for shooting at a man and then trying to get him to lie about it in court.

Judge Jeffrey Wright ordered Omar A. Colon, Jr. to serve 6 to 15 years in prison this week in Lancaster County Court.

Colon was found guilty in November of felony counts of carrying a firearm without a license and solicitation to commit perjury, and related charges.

Charges stemmed from a November 2015 incident, when Colon fired a shot near a male acquaintance of his girlfriend at an Ephrata home. A neighbor who witnessed the
shooting said the victim was standing in front of a garage when the shot was fired. Police later recovered a .25-caliber slug nearby.

Colon, who was prohibited from possessing a weapon due to a prior felony drug conviction, was arrested a month later.

While at Lancaster County Prison, Colon wrote a letter to his girlfriend, which she was to read to the victim. In the letter, Colon requested that the victim not appear in court or provide false testimony if he did. Colon also instructed his girlfriend to burn the letter because “the prosecution would love this.”

Prison officials intercepted the letter and provided to Ephrata police. Anderson presented the letter to jurors along with audio-recorded prison phone calls in which Colon mentions the letter.

At sentencing Tuesday, Assistant District Attorney Travis S. Anderson said Colon opened fire during a “pointless argument.”

Colon apologized, saying the shooting incident was an “overreaction.”

Anderson asked Judge Wright to order consecutive sentences on the shooting incident and the perjury charge, because it was an attempt to “undermine our entire system of justice.”

Judge Wright did order consecutive terms on the separate dockets.

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