Rock climbing community competes at annual competition in Mechanicsburg

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – For over a decade, Climbnasium in Mechanicsburg has hosted its annual competition ‘Frostbite’ in late February. The rock climbing gym brings in some of the best climbers in the area to compete.

“I think this is our tenth year making this happen,” Climbnasium manager Travis Gault said. “It’s super cool to watch the strong people show up and try the boulder problems and see hard climbing going down.”

This competition is specific to bouldering, a type of rock climbing. According to Dustin Campel, “bouldering is the small clips of sometimes the coolest parts of climbing. It’s unique body movement, kind of an artistic way of doing things. It’s more powerful often.”

Sometimes supporting your entire body weight in the tips of your fingers, or lunging your body in one direction, bouldering can look like one part acrobatics, one part gymnastics and two parts rock climbing. The competition is broken down into several categories from beginner through advanced for all ages.

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