Police: 19-year-old high on weed almost hit cop with car

YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – Police say a 19-year-old Red Lion woman was high on marijuana when she nearly hit an officer with a car.

Makia Jones is facing DUI and related charges following the Feb. 26 incident at Heritage Hills Park.

Police say they were called to the area for a report of a suspicious vehicle. Upon arriving, smoke was observed in an outside of a silver Honda Civic and a strong odor of marijuana was smelled.

According to a criminal report, Jones turned on the car and began to reverse as an officer approached the car. That’s when the officer began to tap the driver’s side window, giving Jones verbal and visual commands to stop. The officer ultimately had to jump back to avoid being struck.

Jones was arrested about two hours later after her car was spotted at an address in Yoe.

During her arrest, police say Jones’ actions were slow and sluggish and she showed multiple signs of being intoxicated to a degree that was not safe for driving. Inside the car, police say the found a small brown blunt containing marijuana.

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