New study says screen time not so bad for kids

Could a lot of screen time not be so bad for kids?

Stetson University looked into it since so many youngsters are drawn to devices.

The American Academy of Pediatrics also dropped its recommendation to limit screen time for kids and teenagers to two hours a day.

According to the study, children might be able to spend as much as six hours on screens such as a phone or computer without adverse effects.

Five-year-old Charlotte Thomas loves learning games, especially on the computer. Her father is fine with it, in moderation.

“The old recommendations on how much screen time children should spend has been loosened,” Chris Thomas said. “It used to be two hours a day and now they are saying as much as six hours a day. They can recommend whatever they want. I’m not going to let my kid on the screen for six hours a day, especially not when she’s 5 years old!”

The study by Stetson University tested 6,000 teens to see if there is a link between screen time and depression or delinquency. Results show children and teens can use screens like phones, computers and TV for six hours a day before seeing negative psychological effects.

“I try to take it with a grain of salt. I try to use what I hear but use my own common sense. No screens at the dinner table. If we’re hanging out as a family, no one is on their phone, including me and my wife. We try to interact as much as we possibly can,” Thomas said.

Many parents say, despite the study, they’re going to continue limiting their children’s screen time because they believe it’s important to have everything in moderation.

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