Some parents report difficulty finding Tamiflu

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – During the height of flu season, local moms say the drug Tamiflu isn’t available at some pharmacies.

The drug shortens the duration of flu symptoms in patients, but is there a shortage?

Local pediatricians office Tan and Garcia said this is the worst case of the flu they’ve seen since 2012, and they’re facing difficulty finding pharmacists with the drug.

Mother of three Leslie Weiner and her daughter Leah are going through it now. Thursday is Leah’s 10th birthday, but she isn’t letting the bug keep her down. However, her mother is frustrated.

“I had to not be home with her while I’m running around trying to get this medicine, running back and forth, going to a further pharmacy, so I was stressed, upset and concerned for her that she wasn’t getting what she needed,” Weiner said.

According to pediatricians, not getting your child Tamiflu isn’t going to hurt them. Doctors say if taken within the first 24 hours of symptoms, the drug has the potential to shorten the illness by a day or two. However, the side effects of Tamiflu are nausea and discomfort.

Pediatricians say if you don’t get your hands on Tamiflu, keep your child resting, on fever medications like Tylenol, and keep them hydrated,

ABC27 spoke with the drug’s manufacturer, Genentech, which said it is not experiencing a shortage, which means it’s wholesalers and distributors that are running out.

From the investigating we’ve done, some pharmacies have it and some don’t, so if your child needs Tamiflu, make sure to call around.

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