Rainy today, winds pick up tonight with possible snow squalls

After a fairly pleasant Saturday that saw parts of the region skyrocket into the 60s, today will bring cooler temperatures for most with some rain. Expect scattered showers through much of this Sunday with a period of steady rain from mid-morning through early afternoon. Rainfall amounts will average around a quarter inch for the region. Behind today’s rainmaker, conditions will turn quite windy by this evening. Those winds coming from the northwest could produce some snow squalls into the first part of the overnight so be alert! Winds will gust between 45-55 mph through early tomorrow evening so tie anything down outside that needs it and good luck if it’s trash day tomorrow in your neighborhood! Tomorrow will feature peeks of sun but those winds will be the big story until they finally die down tomorrow evening. Tuesday will stay a bit breezy but with mostly sunny skies it will make for a pleasant Valentines Day. There may be a few snow showers on Wednesday but most of next week continues to look quiet and fairly mild. In fact, signs are pointing for more 50 degree weather around these parts by next weekend! Stay tuned…enjoy your rainy Sunday!

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