Rain holds off today, but a damp Sunday on the way

TODAY: Lots of Clouds. Somewhat Mild. Hi 47.

TONIGHT: Cloudy, Light Showers/Drizzle by Morning. Lo 28.

SUNDAY: Scattered Rain Showers. Raw. Hi 44.

Today is a friendly forecast for this time of the year with mild air coming from the Central US. Temperatures this morning in western PA already hit the 40s, while we wait our turn to the east. Today’s high temperatures will range from the middle 40s to near 50F. Some breaks in the clouds will allow for a little sunshine, but for the most part this warm-up is a cloudy one. We have removed the chances for rain during the daytime hours as it appears the best chances for light rain will hold off until late tonight.

Sunday is a damp and raw day. The biggest change in our forecast is related to temperatures for tomorrow. The models now show a shallow layer of cooler air getting trapped near the ground tomorrow as warm, damp air rides above it. We will likely be stuck in what is called an inversion all day long, and that severely limits how high our temperatures can go up. So we have dropped the daytime highs from the lower 50s to the lower 40s tomorrow. Some places may get stuck in the upper 30s all day!

The other weather feature for tomorrow is the rain developing during the day. Light showers are likely by dawn tomorrow before steady rain arrives for the rest of the morning. The steady first round of rain tapers by the afternoon with scattered showers left behind. Colder air moves over northwestern PA by midday and that change in temperature is heading our way by Sunday night. Some snow squalls are possible as the cold front barrels through. Temperatures will be in the upper 30s to lower 40s, so accumulating snow is not likely. However, low visibility for drivers is more likely with the squalls.

Monday is a windy and colder day as the departing storm from Sunday becomes a strong storm near the New England coastline. Brighter and more pleasant weather is here by Tuesday for Valentine’s Day before colder air returns for the middle of the week. Some model forecasts show a coastal storm by Thursday that may line up with the cold air meaning some snow or wintry mix is possible. We will continue to follow this busy and changing forecast, check back for more updates.

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